About My Blog

This blog will primarily focus on Sims stories. I am currently working on “The Castle Legacy”. The founder is Reyna Castle. The estimated date of my first published chapter is August 1st. If this changes, I will update this page.

The majority of posts on this legacy will be rated G, with a few of them rated PG-13. Any posts showing “woo-hoo” or scantily clad sims, will be rated PG-13. I will not be showing nudity or writing with any cussing (except for “damn”). I will, however be using a censor patch, so that any pictures I take when they are bathing or showering look a bit more realistic. I will only show portions of the sim, not the entire body.

If you enjoy reading Sims 3 stories that are for mature audiences, then this story will not be for you. If, however, you like your stories clean, then you have found your story.

Thank you for your interest in my blog. Reyna looks forward to meeting you.


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